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Accelerated Commercial Real estate has made a strategic commitment to the development of advanced sales and marketing portal technologies. Our Marketing Success Portalâ„¢ puts our clients ahead of the competition by providing unrivaled business intelligence and real transparency that tracks and qualifies potential buyers in ways no other sales and marketing firm can match.

This proprietary technology Marketing Success Portalâ„¢ allows you to access real-time business intelligence that tracks and qualifies potential buyers in ways unmatched in the real estate industry.

Marketing Success Portal™ is a fully managed, multi-lead, permission-based web portal designed to facilitate, analyze, and track the performance of real estate marketing campaigns, sales programs and buyer activity in real-time.

  • Proprietary Predictive Analytics
  • Visibility to Depth of Demand
  • Knowledge of Consumer Emotional Triggers
  • Prospect, Buyer Profiling
  • Buyer Demographics
  • Communication Delivery, Management and Tracking
  • Non-Subjective Prospect Rating
  • Sales and Escrow Management
  • Comprehensive Funnel Management
  • Proprietary CRM