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Exceeding Expectations

Accelerated Commercial Real Estate a division of PresGroup Realty is the only completely integrated, full service real estate sales and marketing company that delivers proven results for the most profitable disposition of real estate assets.

By combining the art and science of sale and marketing with talent, expertise and leading edge technology we have achieved over $1.5 billion in completed commercial and residential property transactions since 2009.

Nationally, Accelerated Commercial Real Estate is continually broadening its horizons by partnering with buyers, sellers and brokers who are seeking to enjoy the success of next generation marketing techniques to close their real estate sales quickly and favorably.

These forward thinking strategies have proved to be the most effective way to match available commercial properties with qualified buyers.

Accelerated Commercial Real Estate continues to build on their success by driving the most challenging of property transactions through to a rapid and successful conclusion.

Find out more about how we can accelerate the success of your commercial property transaction! Contact Accelerated Commercial Real Estate today at (602) 466-2325 (Local) (888) 938-8880 (Toll Free)

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